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The best quality range of cleaning services delivering to our customers in fully customized Packages at a very affordable budget.

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Magic Clean - A Fast and Reliable Cleaning Company in Cochin Managed by Professional and Experienced Management.

Successful 15 years of working in the cleaning service field, we provide all kinds of cleaning services to our valued customers in the residential and commercial sector. Our services are executed by a well trained team of professionals who work towards achieving 100% quality cleaning services with the latest technology cleaning methods.

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The #1 leading cleaning service provider in Kochi delivering the best quality budget friendly cleaning service for residential and commercial customers.

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At Magic clean, we are the one stop solution company for all kinds of cleaning services to residential and commercial spaces.

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House Cleaning

Are you looking for the best house cleaning services for your house nearby? You are at the right place, Magic clean Kochi one of the best house cleaning service agencies providing assured quality standard cleaning service to redesign your house with a clean and fresh look.

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Flat Cleaning

Are you living in 1/2/3BHK flats? Don’t worry, just a call away our team will be right there to service our clients with the best cleaning services certified equipment, top-rate quality solutions and trained teams to ensure quality. Working for successful years in the cleaning industry...

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Office Cleaning

Clean and comfortable place is what your staff dreams of when entering your office. But what happens if you fail to meet your staff’s expectations? And this is where Magic Clean Kochi comes into picture. A professional office cleaning company cleans up your office, developing it into a space...

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Bathroom Cleaning Service

When it comes to personal hygiene, we often overlook parts of our home that can become a hotbed of germs and that is nothing but bathrooms. This is the place where lots of hidden diseases sprout up. Regular and proper cleaning of the bathroom is a necessary fact and an important task that you cannot miss in your cleaning list.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Choosing Magic Clean Kochi for cleaning your kitchen is the right choice to get quality and affordable cleaning service. There are a lot of hidden places in the kitchen which are not even visible to your eyes, but those are the places for small pests like mosquitoes, flies, rats, etc. to celebrate in your absence. With our professional and highly rated...

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Cleaning comes perfect and complete when it includes the stages of sanitization and fogging. Sanitization helps in eliminating the germs or viruses to a lower level to reduce the chance of getting infected. On the same protocol, fogging is nothing but a disinfection process that is applied to the place once it is properly cleansed. At Magic Clean Cochin, we use certified sanitizing products and fogging devices to ensure a safe and quality service that provides 100% satisfaction to our customers.

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