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At Magic clean, we are the one stop solution company for all kinds of cleaning services to residential and commercial spaces.

House Cleaning

Are you looking for the best house cleaning services for your house nearby? You are at the right place, Magic clean Kochi one of the best house cleaning service agencies providing assured quality standard cleaning service to redesign your house with a clean and fresh look. Our professionally trained staffs are allotted to take care of all the activities that are covered in house cleaning including Floor Cleaning, Window and Door Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Sofa and furniture cleaning, Bathrooms and Toilet Cleaning. Whatever occasion you are planning for or get over with, we are here to help you sit and relax when we take up your cleaning task.

Flat Cleaning

Are you living in 1/2/3BHK flats? Don’t worry, just a call away our team will be right there to service our clients with the best cleaning services certified equipment, top-rate quality solutions and trained teams to ensure quality. We provide deep cleaning covering each and every item that occupies your flat space to give a fresh and shiny look creating a positive and colorful renovated look of your flat. Working for successful years in the cleaning industry, we are leading among the top flat cleaning service providers in Kochi.

Office Cleaning

Clean and comfortable place is what your staff dreams of when entering your office. But what happens if you fail to meet your staff’s expectations? And this is where Magic Clean Kochi comes into picture. A professional cleaning company cleans up your office, developing it into a space where you lack untidiness. Unlike other office cleaning agencies in Kochi, we stand one step above in delivering exceptional standards of service that will boost the aesthetic appeal of your office and add value to your business. We provide all types of office cleaning including everyday housekeeping to periodic maintenance and seasonal services.

Bathroom Cleaning Service

When it comes to personal hygiene, we often overlook parts of our home that can become a hotbed of germs and that is nothing but bathrooms. This is the place where lots of hidden diseases sprout up. Regular and proper cleaning of the bathroom is a necessary fact and an important task that you cannot miss in your cleaning list. But you may be wondering, why to hire an agency to clean your bathrooms. Yes, here is the difference when you hire a professional team to clean the bathroom. Magic Clean Kochi is one of the best bathroom cleaning service agencies in Kochi providing the best cleaning services using quality and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Kitchen Cleaning

Choosing Magic Clean Kochi for cleaning your kitchen is the right choice to get quality and affordable cleaning service. There are a lot of hidden places in the kitchen which are not even visible to your eyes, but those are the places for small pests like mosquitoes, flies, rats, etc. to celebrate in your absence. With our professional and highly rated cleaning methods, we take care of all items in the kitchen to undergo 100% chemical-free cleaning service. The main areas where we give more focus are; Kitchen Chimney, Kitchen Cabins and internal storage, Kitchen Wall and Floor, Kitchen Basin, Chimney.

Pest Control Cleaning

We are also known for providing top-rated pest control and cleaning solution providers for all your pest control needs. Our team of professionally trained staff is proved to provide the best pest control treatment methods for all types of pest that becomes a harmful obstacle in daily life. Based on the type of customer requirement and the environment they live in, we perform a site audit to analyze and choose the right pest control treatment method that delivers complete and perfect results for our customer needs. Whatever types of pests you suffer from, we come with the latest and eco-friendly pest control and cleaning services at an affordable cost.

Grass Cutting Services

Are you looking to save money on grass cutting? Then it’s none but Magic Clean Kochi, who provides grass cutting service at a very reasonable cost. Our professionals will do the job happily and with a level of expertise which meets our customer requirement one level more than their expectations. We offer a full and flexible lawn mowing and grass cutting service to meet all your needs as efficiently as possible at regular intervals. We offer these services to both commercial and domestic customers.

Waste Disposal Services

Waste management and disposal is a challenging problem and to sort this unmanageable task, you need to access the most advanced technologies to solve hazardous waste disposal needs, making the entire process easier, safer and more cost-effective. To help our customers with the best waste disposal services, Magic Clean Kochi stands forwards delivering end to end waste management services. Our waste management services include solid waste management, collection, transfer, disposal at a very standard and affordable price. Our waste disposal methods are executed to meet your organization’s objectives and requirements while providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

Floor Scrubbing Services

Floor scrubbing is a high effort activity requiring the use of proper gadgets and cleaning products. Whatever types of materials on your floor is, it needs deep and proper cleaning. At Magic Clean, we provide the best floor scrubbing services which give your floor an appealing look and healthier place for its residents. Proper and thorough cleaning of the floor makes it durable and lasts longer. To ensure the highest level of clean, we offer expert advice on the best floor cleaning methods, provide periodic maintenance schedules, and utilize automatic floor scrubbers that effectively clean and scrub your floor to eliminate dirt, debris, and grease. We guarantee a deeper cleaning result, as compared against manual labor.

Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Regular Interval of disinfection is recommended to have a healthy and germ-free environment. Magic Clean Kochi, the best disinfection service agency focuses on disinfecting all areas and surfaces for residential and commercial spaces. Our dedicated team of experts is capable of providing highly advanced and result -oriented disinfecting services in an affordable budget. We use a range of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and disinfectant products that are lab tested and proven powerful surfactants and anti-bacterial agents. Hiring Magic Clean Kochi for disinfection, we assure you receive the best standard services at a low cost.